• The “Service Provider” shall mean Tickled Fig Ltd (company registration number 07396851).
  • The “Client” shall mean the person in receipt of instruction from the Service Provider, on the basis of these Conditions.
  • The “Application” shall mean the Client’s application to attend the Course, issued in writing or placed by email, incorporating these conditions.
  • The “Course” shall mean cookery instruction supplied by the Service Provider.
  • The “Contract” shall mean the agreement arising between the Service Provider and the Client following the Service Provider’s written or electronic Application of the Client onto the Course. The Contract shall consist of the Application, these conditions of sale and any other documents or conditions specified or referred to.



All contracts entered into by the Service Provider are subject to and governed by these Conditions which may only be varied by the Service Provider in writing and in any event attendance of the Course by the Client shall constitute acceptance of these Conditions.



  • Prices are quoted prior to any Application being accepted by the Service Provider by the Client.
  • All prices are strictly net.


Application requirements

  • To register for a place on the cookery courses, Clients (or their Guardian, Court Appointed Deputy or nominated Personal Assistant/Senior Personal Assistant) must complete the Client Details Form. This form is designed to capture requisite information to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for the Client. It is essential that the Client Details Form is completed in full and that the details are accurate and complete.
  • The Service Provider will assess the Client Details Form and offer a place to a Client that it can safely and reasonably accommodate.



The Course duration is 12 months, unless otherwise stated.



  • To effectively manage staffing and resourcing, the Service Provider requires four weeks’ notice in writing to cancel or reschedule a class for holidays or medical appointments/procedures.
  • The Service Provider requires four weeks’ notice to terminate the course.
  • Any non-attendance that falls outside of these terms may be charged at the full rate.
  • To comply with the Safeguarding Policy, the Service Provider will notify in writing the Guardian, Court Appointed Deputy and Nominated Key Worker/Senior Personal Assistant of a Client who partakes of a non-authorised absence.



  • Ingredients, utensils, knives, equipment and venue are provided for all courses.
  • An insulated bag is provided by the Service Provider for the duration of the Course, to enable the Client to transport any hot foods.
  • A Course Outline is provided at the beginning of the course. All lessons are planned in advance, with the exception of one unplanned session per quarter, which allows the Service Provider to revisit or include content that it feels the Client has particularly enjoyed or from which Client would benefit in further instruction. The Service Provider reserves the right to make amendments to the Course Outline and recipes without notice, as seasonal products become (un)available.


Health & Safety

  • The Client and any accompanying Personal Assistant, should wear shoes with flat, non-slip soles and covered toes. The Service Provider recommends the Client wears comfortable, hard-wearing clothing.
  • Clients must provide their own apron. The Service Provider can provide an apron for an additional cost.
  • Long hair must be tied back in the kitchen.
  • The Client and any accompanying Guardian or Support Worker, must remove all watches and jewellery, except plain wedding bands. Clients will receive a short briefing on health and safety before commencing each session.


Special Dietary Requirements

The Service Provider can tailor course content for special dietary requirements, subject to minimum numbers. Instructors will be happy to discuss course content beforehand.



  • The Client is invoiced by the Service Provider in full at the end of each calendar month, issued in writing or by email.
  • The Service Provider accepts payment via BACS or Bank Transfer only.
  • The Service Provider reserves the right to suspend delivery of the Course if the Service Provider judges that the amount outstanding on the General Statement of Account between the parties is in excess of the credit limit the Service Provider is willing to accord to the Client. Credit terms can be varied at any time at the discretion of the Service Provider.



  • If the Service Provider considers that the Client, or any accompanying Personal Assistant, has behaved in an unacceptable manner, the Service Provider will be entitled to exclude the Client from the Course.
  • The Service Provider welcomes visitors or trainee Personal Assistants to observe sessions within the Course, but requires two weeks’ notice in writing from the Guardian, Court Appointed Deputy or nominated Key Worker/Senior Personal Assistant. They will be asked to read and observe the Code of Conduct for Visitors.



  • The Service Provider will not accept responsibility for the loss of, or damage to, any personal possessions.
  • The Service Provider will not be liable for any loss suffered by the Client, or any accompanying Personal Assistant, which is indirect, special or consequential.
  • The Service Provider will not be liable for any loss suffered by the Client resulting from any event which is beyond the reasonable control of the Service Provider.


Force Majeure

  • If the Service Provider is unable to supply the Course by reason of events beyond its control, any specified date(s) shall be extended for a period equal to the delay caused by such events.
  • If the period of delay extends beyond a reasonable period then either party may terminate the Contract.


Copyright & Acceptable Usage

  • Full copyright of course content (including the Tickled Fig Blog) developed by the Service Provider is retained by the Service Provider.
  • The Course notes and reference materials are provided to support Clients in their development and are issued for personal use only.
  • The sharing of Course materials by print, press, photocopy, email, blogs, internet or any digital transfer medium is strictly prohibited without the express written permission of the Service Provider.