People who need care and support to live independently may be at greater risk of harm. Tickled Fig has developed a Safeguarding Policy to demonstrate its commitment to keeping safe the adults that it works with.

If you think someone is in immediate danger of abuse, ring 999.

If you are worried that someone is at risk of abuse, please don’t hesitate to report your concern by calling the Bath & North East Somerset ASIST team on 01225 396000.


Tickled Fig has appointed a Welfare Officer to deal with any incidents or concerns that relate to an individual’s ability to live with dignity and respect.

If you have attended a cookery lesson and would like to report an incident or concern to the Welfare Officer, please use the contact form below and outline the following:

  • Incident: Please give an overview of the incident(s).
  • Conversations: Please record as accurately as possible any conversations with relevant parties.
  • Your opinion: Please give your views, thoughts or impressions.
  • Any action: Have you undertaken any action so far?
  • Contact made: Have you contacted anyone other than the Welfare Officer?

The Welfare Officer will respond as soon as possible and may ask further questions. The Welfare Officer will record, investigate and respond to your concern. It may be appropriate for them to raise a safeguarding concern with the Bath & North East Somerset ASIST team, which deals with all safeguarding reports.