Our group and private tuition run for varying lengths of time, depending on the needs and abilities of the clients and the scope of the activity. Group pricing includes ingredients, equipment and venue hire. Private tuition includes ingredients and equipment, but usually runs in the client’s own home. Contact us to discuss your needs and establish the best format for your family member or client.

Most of our clients are funded by a Direct Payment from their Personal Budget, and we have an increasing number of clients within the Bath & North East Somerset area.

Our group cookery lessons are equivalent to £11.25 per 30 mins, reflecting excellent value. Groups are capped at no more than four clients per group, allowing for a highly personalised service. Small groups like this allow us to take into account our clients’ likes & dislikes, dietary requirements, culinary developmental goals and nutritional learning goals.

Our private cookery lessons are equivalent to £22.50 per 30 mins. We have benchmarked ourselves against other 1:1 30 minute services in the local area that are typically accessed by our clients, and have found we represent equivalent value. Activities such as sensory massage, music therapy, drama therapy and art therapy, cost between £20-25 per 30 mins. As well as being  a multi-sensory activity, our cookery sessions provide a vital life skill; transferable social skills; potential to work towards vocational placement; and ongoing personal development.