Clients washing up during the cookery lesson
Improving important life skills that will aid independent living
The Eatwell Guide is the basis for all healthy meal planning
The government’s Eatwell Guide is the basis for all meal planning
Introducing new techniques to increase culinary confidence
Introducing new techniques to increase culinary confidence

Since 2015 Tickled Fig has been offering cookery classes that are accessible to people with learning and communication difficulties in the Bath & North East Somerset area. Beginning life as a deli operator and caterer, founder Lucy Tarallo wanted to offer ongoing cookery lessons that would be useful to young people who were transitioning from education to independent living.


“My brother Christopher has autism and additional needs. Chris is passionate about cooking, but unfortunately he has exhausted all the introductory cookery courses in the county. As a young man living independently, he still has a lot to learn about cooking techniques and, importantly, nutrition. I’ve learned that there are lots of young people like Chris, who have the ability to live independently but lack knowledge and confidence in healthy eating practices. That’s where Tickled Fig can help.” Founder, Lucy Tarallo


Our mission is to increase healthy eating practices

Public Health England acknowledges that people with learning disabilities are more likely to be obese, particularly at an earlier age. Obesity increases the risk of developing life-limiting and life-threatening conditions including type 2 diabetes; some cancers; heart disease and liver disease. Poor weight management adds a further layer of difficulty for people with disabilities.


We believe that early intervention, particularly as young people transition from full time education to independent living, is pivotal in establishing healthy eating practices.


We use the spirit of the Mediterranean diet to engage clients with healthy portions, a wide range of seasonal ingredients, and ways of cooking efficiently and affordably. We take an inclusive approach incorporating Makaton signing and symbols. Our classes are a practical, multi-sensory experience. Our approach offers dual learning opportunities for clients and their support workers, as part of our mission to offer holistic healthy eating practices for the client and their support teams.


The Eatwell Guide is our constant point of reference, echoing the Mediterranean diet that underpins the Tickled Fig approach. We also look towards initiatives such as the 5 a day challenge, incorporating as much fruit and vegetables into our cookery as possible, reducing salt intake and swapping sugar or other less healthy choices for more health-conscious options.


Direct Benefits of Cookery

Learning new cookery techniques

Exposure to new and untried ingredients

Understanding where food comes from

Building healthy-eating habits

Understanding the seasonal nature of food

Encouraging healthy eating routines through peer support

Appreciating nutritionally balanced portions

Encouraging cultural and world awareness

Multi-sensory opportunity for creative outlet


Indirect Benefits of Cookery

Build responsibility and independence

Increase self-esteem

Foster social skills

Dual learning for clients and their support teams

Increased capacity for meal planning and budgeting

Transferable skills of increased resilience and flexibility

Confidence to try new things

Application of economics of scale


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